Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I Aim. My Blog Aims.

There is a problem in British cities: spatial and social inequality persists, despite regenerative architectural schemes put into place to improve social justice. In response to this problem, my research question is: What is the structure of communication (or ‘depth’) that links the macro and micro scales of social, spatial and political involvement in London? Through an analysis of the A10 arterial ‘high street’ as a case study, I hope to offer an understanding of urban topographies and their capacity (or lack of it) to support civic life and culture. My hypothesis is that architecture/urbanism is the discipline that most concretely studies this structure (or [dis]continuity) of civic qualities, which are only partially addressed by social science, economics and human geography. The collection and analysis of data about the A10 will bring together methods from all of these disciplines with techniques from architectural research, which is an original enterprise, both in methodology and in the body of information that will be produced. The contribution to knowledge is three-fold: identifying the phenomenon of ‘depth’, identifying the manner in which its architectural structuring supports civic praxis and clarifying how the hermeneutics of praxis communicates with established specialist studies. 

This blog exists to record thoughts, as a forum for discussion of short articles, ideas and proposals.

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