Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What are the constituent parts of the city?

I started making a list of everything which makes up the city, specifically the city of London. The purpose of this, is to try and find a way to structure my thesis effectively, and find categories which are appropriate for dividing up information. I also opened this question to Facebook, to see what my fellow travellers had to say on the matter. Here is the list, as it currently stands. I'm sure it will be updated as time goes on:

  • Jane Clossick
    Is trying to compile a list of everything which comprises the city. Answers please.
    16 hours ago ·  ·  · 
      • Joshua William Taplin Fatigue. Shattered dreams. Futility.
        16 hours ago · 
      • Joshua William Taplin ‎....ooh and Krispy Kreme
        16 hours ago · 
      • John Gripton There's a "c" in it.
        14 hours ago · 

      • connections, nature, artifice, money, melting pot, identity/diversity spectrum, cathedrals, belonging/isolation, the tube, light pollution interfering with star gazing, electric and engine noise, poverty, Romantic cinematic, possibilty...See more

        14 hours ago · 
      • John Gripton ‎... For everything else, there's Mastercard.
        14 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

      • People come for the dream of infinite opportunities. More than that it represents the most recent expression of our simian social intelligence, the factor that many believe drove our brains and intelligence to form.

        On a more tangible level it is the manifestation of the collective. Many ideas and beliefs and more practical building than is possible by the few. A city like london is also a living historical record.

        Final thought. It is a hub where the many threads of humanity lie tangled with each other.

        13 hours ago · 
      • 5 hours ago · 
      • Linda Wagner Why???
        4 hours ago · 
      • Daniel Hutchens Bright lights
        3 hours ago · 
      • Davíd 'burro Rápida' Skinarez Skyscrapers and everythaaaaanng.
        3 hours ago · 

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